Monday, August 10, 2009

Bohemian Summer

If I could bring one thing back from Texas (besides warm winters), it'd be the laid-back, bohemian style. Anything goes in Austin, Texas--home of the original Wholefoods, the University of Texas, Austin City Limits, and South by Southwest. Since your hair and make up melt the minute you walk outside, you quickly learn that less is more. However, laid-back-style is not synonymous with lack-of-style.

Since D.C.'s professional and often up-tight atmosphere makes it difficult to near impossible todress like this, it is often a aspect of my personality and style that remains unseen. Nevertheless, nothing makes me happier than oversized aviators, soft leather bags, and gold bangles.

I love Dupont because it exemplifies the artistic style this former-Austinite misses so dearly. But I also love it for the fabulous and inexpensive Secondi, a trendy consignment shop, filled with random, designer pieces at a price even a hill staffer can afford.


  1. You don't know of any fabulous, trendy, and inexpensive consignment shops in Dallas do you? ;-)

  2. Love those dresses too. I just bought a tie-dyed one! Very Boho. And I love it!

  3. Yes. There is a great place in Preston Center, I can't remember the name, but it has fabulous designer items. It was so good that girls at SMU wouldn't tell their own friends about it because they didn't want the secret to get out and all the good stuff to be snatched up!

  4. Here is their website

  5. You are AWESOME! I'm almost afraid to go check it out..what if I walk out with everything the store has to offer???


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