Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What do I do with this thing?

A reader recently suggested I do a post on tying scarves. This was tricky since I found myself wondering the same thing when I moved here two years ago. Below are several different options for different size scarves.

How I typically tie my scarf

How I'd like to spruce up my basic scarf. I like the volume and how it rest off to the side.

I prefer a skinny scarf for the fall. We have all of January and February to suffocate ourselves during the blistery winter weather.

I like the second knot.

This is great with jeans and a cuter belt than shown for a casual dinner.

Perfect for formal occasion, because winter or summer our formal wear is still strapless!

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  1. Yes, yes. I needed this scarf wearing guide because I am clueless but I bought one recently with my sister. I still don't know how to make scarves look like this though. How-to guide, please? Thanks friend! Love you!


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