Friday, October 29, 2010

Cheap Sheke

Cheap Sheke
Cheap Sheke by dcsheke featuring a lambskin handbag

As you can probably tell, I have expensive taste. You may be wondering how these high-end items featured fall under the "Cheap Sheke" category. Rather than buy cheap clothes that I do not like and that won't last, I purchase quality, classic items.. I always say I'd rather wear the same leather bag that I love every day than a variety of cheap bags that I feel indifferent towards.

On a limited budget, versatility is critical. I like blouses that I can wear under a blazer to work and by itself to go out. Gold flats are the most critical staple in my closet. I prefer gold because then I can wear them with brown or black. The same goes with tan and camel colors. You can mix and match with colored scarves, necklaces and other accessories to create more outfits.

Rather than spend a small amount each month on cheap clothes, consider saving up for something nicer. In the long run, it will actually save you money and you will enjoy it more.

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