Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Designer labels aren't just for dresses

Every year, I look forward to picking out my new Kate Spade Christmas cards. Over the past decade there has been an unfortunate trend of personalized holiday cards. Why do I say unfortunate? Because ironically these personalized cards aren't very personal at all. Instead, they've become more about the person sending them than the person receiving them. We would never send a birthday card contained with stories of how awesome our birthdays were so why have people resorted to sending cards sometimes with just a photo, and a one-size fits all typed letter without so much as a handwritten signature? In the era of facebook, I have more than enough photos of your past year to satisfy my cyber-stalking heart's desires. I realize I may step on...well... almost everyone's toes, and my point is not to condemn but perhaps encourage people to pick out stationary that reflects your taste and style and send handwritten personal Christmas cards--I promise your friends and family will be delighted!

Designer labels aren't just for dresses

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