Thursday, August 13, 2009

Outfit Inspiration: Raleigh, NC

When going home to Raleigh, North Carolina, I usually try to cram as much visiting into one weekend as possible. I always go out to dinner with my family for a night as well as try to catch up with friends who are in the area. This is the perfect outfit for a night out in the city first having dinner with the parents then transitioning into drinks with friends.

I've been eyeing this gorgeous dress for quite some time. It is great for a night on the town or a special event. Raleigh tends to be similar to DC with a little sleeker dressier fashion.

For dinner with my parents I'd pair it with a ruffle cardigan and belt. I actually have the black belt and absolutely love it. It dresses up every outfit and adds a unique touch. For drinks with friends I'd probably lose the cardigan and just wear the dress (and maybe the belt).

I always have high ambitions of wearing heels but usually at the end of the night I'm back in flats. Either of these shoes I could easily pull off for a nice night out.

Because the dress is a large pattern I don't think you need huge accessories. These earrings pull in the cardigan and add a splash of color.

I think I'm ready for a trip home now!

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