Thursday, August 13, 2009

Outfit Inspiration: Wilmington, NC

I am pretty sure throughout my childhood we made our rounds to all the beaches on the North Carolina shore. But Wilmington has always been a favorite of mine. From the adorable downtown on the water, a perfect picture of southern charm. To the beautiful expansive beaches, Wilmington always seemed to have everything to keep my family entertained.

I have fond memories of having lunch and walking around the downtown with my mother. If I were to go again this dress would be perfect for a morning of shopping and an afternoon at the beach. And North Carolina is the perfect place to pull out your blue and pink seersucker. While I like to think my style is a little bit artsier now, I always go back to my preppy roots when I go home.

I was honestly having a hard time finding a bathing suit that matched the rest of the outfit. So I figure going simple is probably better. This suit is great because the straps won't show under the dress when you are out and about. Something that I know you shouldn't be picky about when you are at the beach, but also something I just can't let go of.

No outfit is complete in the south without big sunglasses and an oversized hat.

One thing I learned from growing up in North Carolina is that pearls make any outfit classy. My family has a tradition of gifting a pearl necklace on your 21st birthday. While at the time I didn't exactly appreciate it, now I couldn't think of a better versatile accessory! This necklace is a little bit more unique than a basic strand of pearls. The light and airy feel to the necklace reminds me of southern charm and the beach.

So I have a confession that I am not a very big Lily Pulitzer person. I can definitely appreciate it on others but it has never been my own style. But no North Carolina beach outfit is complete without a little bit of Lily. So I thought this straw bag with small embellishments would do the trick.

I think I'm ready to go to the beach now!

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