Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome to DC Sheke!

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Ella Moss on Sale for $139

DC is a melting pot buzzing with people of different styles, personalities, backgrounds, and professions. We're all familiar with the saying "DC has Northern hospitality with a southern pace of progress." The same is true when it comes to style. There is an overwhelming southern influence of Lilly, JCrew, and Polo combined with Wall Street black-suit constraints. When I moved to DC, I went through a period of depression as I felt I had to sacrifice style in order to conform to the Ann Taylor Loft look, especially considering the the limited budget most young professionals in DC face. Two years later, I am proud that I have yet to give in. I have tried purchasing cheap clothing, I almost felt like it was expected of me, but I was never satisfied with the way things fit, how they looked, and they almost always fell apart. Instead, I have perfected the art of finding quality, stylish clothing on SALE! While my initial frustration with the city was that it lacked cutting edge fashion, it is also the only affordable thing in this city--love it or hate it, the styles here are classic--meaning that last season cardigans from the outlets are still quite acceptable. If the dress you bought last year can't be worn this year, it was probably a lousy purchase. The best way to build a solid wardrobe is to buy quality clothes that can be worn from season to season. Contrary to my mother's thoughts, that does not mean you have to shop at Talbots. It's easy to put on a cardigan and pearls, but we have all of our soccer-mom life to do that. The trick comes with staying inside the professional boundaries while adding funky accessories.

So what is the purpose of this blog? Hopefully, an inspiration on how to mix things up and a places to find great purchases.

What this blog isn't: a public outlet to criticize people (especially people whose job it is to make decisions for our nation, not model the latest fashion). This city has enough critics, most of whom have no expertise. Having an opinion does not make you an expert. So I have no intention to add another negative voice to the mix.

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They say, "DC has Northern hospitality with a southern pace of progress." The same is true when it comes to fashion: southern style combined with the restrictions of Northern weather and Wall-Street black suit. My goal is to add some color to the mix on the limited budget most young professionals in the District face.