Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cashmere Christmas

At the age of 16, my mother warned me not to buy a cashmere sweater because once you go cashmere you can never go back...and she was absolutely right. Every year I long for these burberry earmuffs, and every year I somehow talk myself out of them...poor decision, I know. I promise if you buy your loved ones Cashmere for Christmas they won't be disappointed.
JCrew Cardigan $134; Juicy Gloves $45; JCrew Ruffled Sweater $142; Burberry Earmuffs $125


  1. Hmm, maybe someone needs a little bird to drop the Burberry Earmuff hint...

  2. They're lovely! I hate earmuffs though. Or rather I did when I was a child and I've yet to give them another try.

    But you are right -- cashmere is divine.


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