Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wanted: Everyday Embellishments

After spending the weekend in Dallas I realized what my life is missing: the simple, everyday embellishments I took for granted in college. Not only did my post-graduation pay cut force me to cut out my weekly spa visits and shopping trips, moving to DC drastically changed my lifestyle. DC has a lot to offer, but luxury is not easily found in this town...and when it is, you pay a heavy price. Sure there are a few cupcake shops, but even if I did like cupcakes, I wouldn't spend $5 on a snack that won't even satisfy my appetite. The best part of Dallas is the abundance of ridiculously good cheap eats.

Exhibit A: Celebrity Cafe.
This entirely pink cafe is neatly tucked away in Highland Park Village: the first outdoor shopping center in America and home to Chanel, Harry Winston, Jimmy Choo, and my other favorite cheap eat Patrizios. Unlike it's neighbors, you can find something to satisfy everyone for less than $10! Perhaps I should abandon my day job and open one here....

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