Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DCSheke Goes to NYC: The Great Outdoors

Every one of my trips to New York City have been consumed with shopping, restaurants and lots of walking. For my spring trip, I explored a sunnier side of the city that I didn't even know existed!


This new, interactive art exhibit offers New Yorkers a spectacular view of the Hudson River and a peaceful place to catch some sun. Not to mention, it's steps away from my favorite designer's shop, DVF!

Frying PanLocated in Chelsea, this old, old wooden ship has been transformed into a fun bar. You can spend hours on the abandoned ship enjoying great music, the dance floor and NYC's over-priced beer!

Central ParkIt took 5 trips to New York City, but I finally made it over to Central Park. And it was worth the wait. I have always been fascinated that almost half of the city is consumed with this park and I was not disappointed. I only wish I could take a stroll through the park every Sunday!

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