Monday, May 10, 2010

DC Sheke Goes to NYC: Food Review

I spent the weekend in NYC doing what I love most--trying new restaurants. For me, 70 percent of an eating experience relies on the environment, 30 percent on the food. That's fitting since I can usually only eat 30 percent of what they serve...but this weekend I didn't have to pick environment over food. Each place had a fun, unique menu and atmosphere.

Brunch at Cafe GitaneMy designing dream became true at this Cafe. Overlooking the Hudson River in the trendy Meat Packaging District, Cafe Gitane is famous for their avocado toast and towering Couscous. The people Cafe Gitane attracts reflect the beautiful and distinct decor.

Barrio Chino
Unlabeled and tightly tucked into a small corner in the lower East Side, finding Barrio Chino is like a treasure hunt--but I assure you the prize at the end of the journey is worth the effort. I don't know what's more surprising, the fact that the best Mexican food this Texas Girl has ever eaten was made in New York City or the unique combination of a Chinese and Latino restaurant in one.


Don't be fooled by this bright lighting, the only thing shining at 10 p.m. is the waiters' personalities. This extremely cozy and dark restaurant is the perfect date spot. While the seafood and vegetable menu wasn't quite fit for this girl's 5-year-old taste buds, the waiters' helpful attitude and several free courses made it worthwhile!

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