Friday, May 28, 2010

SATC 2: Carried Overboard

As a loyal fan of SATC, I could not wait until May 27 when I could find out what happened next to my friends Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. It’s now May 28, I still do not know what happens next and the only difference is I no longer care.

Even after reading the critical reviews, I remained optimistic. After all, the reviews complained that the movie was superficial and Carrie was self-absorbed—I mean had they ever seen the show before? No one expects a riveting, thought-provoking plot. However, I do expect something to keep me entertained. Let me save you $12 and 2 ½ hours and run through the movie.

10. The word vintage was used 20 times

9. Charlotte wears a “vintage” Valentino dress while baking with red icing and has a mental break down when her daughter stains it.

8. Samantha loses her sex drive.

7. They don’t even try to give Miranda a storyline so she just tries to make everyone laugh.

6. Carrie decorates her apartment a lot and is bored with marriage.

5. They stay in a really nice hotel room and for 30 minutes they tour the place oooo-ing.

4. They wear beautiful shoes.

3. Everything was over the top.

2. Stanford marries Anthony—the wedding is probably the most ridiculous part of the movie.

1. Everybody realizes their cupcake drama, couch potato boredom, menopause, and oh yeah Miranda didn’t have any drama, wasn’t so bad after all.

To be honest, it isn’t the lackluster storyline or bad puns that rubbed me the wrong way. It was the actresses. I didn’t feel like I was watching Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. They didn’t click with each other, and they didn’t act like their old selves. Had it been so long since the show that they forgot how to play the part? Or did they just not care enough to try—I got the impression it was the latter.

When I left the theater, I hesitated to criticize. After all, I loved the show, and I had anticipated the final movie despite most people’s pessimism. But the more I thought about it the more I disliked it. And it got me thinking…the show thrived because girls could related to these young, single girls struggling to grow up in NYC. Can we really expect a show that is now about old married women with kids to be entertaining?

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