Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ready for Fall

As if the 100 percent humidity isn't enough, today's rainy weather has made me anticipate fall more than ever. As always, I am getting anxious to pull out my cardigans, flats, and perhaps purchase a big, suede bag to hold all the essentials. While flipping through In Style's 600 page-September issue yesterday, I noticed Banana Republic finally has another good fall line up--which is half as much as J.Crew's!

As Vogue on the Range pointed out, I am a sucker for animal print. So naturally I must have this $69 Banana Republic Cotton Animal Print Cardigan.
Despite my mother's comments that goldenrod yellow is not my color, I can never resist. Gap Ruffled Sleeveless Top $54I have worn my gold TB flats longer than I should and it's time to replace. And while I am over the bright gold, I do love the versatility of being able to wear them with black or brown. I can justify $235 shoes if I can wear them with everything. These flats are a perfect compromise.
While I love fall and all the fashion it has to offer, posting a coat during August does make me cringe...but this coat is so adorable it takes away the bite. Betsey Johnson Ruffled Jacket only $128!


  1. I looove your style and I love animal prints and I LOVE you in goldenrod, despite what your mother might say :) Take me shopping!

  2. She's alive!

    You finally popped back up on my google reader. Hope all is going well with you. :)


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