Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beauty Secrets Don't Make Friends

I have never understood girls who keep beauty secrets. After all, who wants to have ugly friends? So I can't help but share my latest guilty pleasure: Bobbi Brown's skin care. Since junior high, I have struggled to find products for my face. Why is everything targeted towards people with oily skin? Since I didn't get my first pimple until I was 19 (and even then it was stress induced), I was so frustrated in the drug store because all the products were "acne fighting."Until, I was introduced to Bobbi Brown's skin care last week. I can't decide if the salesclerk is my angel for finally solving my skin needs or a devil for introducing me to $85 moisturizer that I can't resist.

Extra Balm Rinse Cleanser $55; Hydrating Face Tonic $26 ; Extra moisturizing balm $85

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