Thursday, August 13, 2009

Outfit Inspiration: Asheville, NC

Asheville is still one of my favorite mountain cities to this day. I love the beautiful nature, the artistic shops and the hippie quality to it. The last several times I went to Asheville I went with my mom and sister as a girls weekend. We love walking through all the shops and galleries admiring the local talent. The above outfit is something I would love to wear while walking around town for a day of shopping.

This top from Anthropologie reminds me both of the beautiful blue ridge mountains and the gorgeous artistry in Asheville.

I thought these jeans paired perfectly with the top for a casual day of walking around. You need something tighter on bottom to compliment the loose top, and the cuffed jean gives it a more hippy casual feel.

I love the beautiful craftsmanship of Bernardo sandals. So well made and comfortable for walking. I also thought these were a nice compromise to the brown rainbows that everyone (including myself) wears in North Carolina.

I was honestly torn between these two bags and decided to include both. The leather tote bag gives it a more polished look. But the yellow bag just matches the organic handmade feel of Asheville. And I feel like people in North Carolina are a little bolder with their colors than here in DC. Just an observation.

With all the red clay in North Carolina, pottery is very popular. Which is why I had to choose handmade clay earrings to complete my outfit. Because the shirt is such a statement piece, you don't need too much else to accent it. These are nice and simple yet still a little interesting.

The mountains always get a little cooler at night time, so if I were going out to dinner I'd add a cardigan and belt. After all this talk of Asheville, I think I'm ready for my next mountain vacation! And now I have the perfect outfit to wear!

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